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Package Specification Summary for Package: bug-tracker

Summary: Tracks bugs and features, versions and maintainers, in software projects.
Description: Bug tracking application with notifications, configurable state management, and patch upload. Contains the best of SDM, Bugzilla, FogBUGZ, and
Documentation: Package Documentation
Maturity: New Submission or Maturity Unknown
This package depends on: acs-content-repository acs-kernel acs-templating workflow
Packages that depend on bug-tracker: None
Package parameters:
AutoSubmitErrorsp (default 1, type number, scope instance)
Pretty name of a component/area/module, e.g. 'area'. Use the capitalization that you would use in the middle of a sentence. (default component, type string, scope instance)
Plural pretty name of a component/area/module, e.g. 'area'. Use the capitalization that you would use in the middle of a sentence. (default components, type string, scope instance)
Used by the callback to acs_mail_lite::incoming_email in parsing the reply address to know what bug-tracker instance to insert a bug. For example, if this is set to ABC then emails to will be posted on this instance. The tt- portion is a catch all email you configure for your domain. It's up to the user to properly configure fetchmail or any other software that will be able to fetch the mails from a POP server. acs-mail-lite should also be configured to scan the incoming mail queue. (default , type string, scope instance)
Number of bugs to display per page. (default 25, type number, scope instance)
Enable patch submissions for this project (default 1, type number, scope instance)
Enable related files submissions for this project (default 0, type number, scope instance)
Pretty name of a ticket, e.g. 'ticket'. Use the capitalization that you would use in the middle of a sentence. (default bug, type string, scope instance)
Plural pretty name of a ticket , e.g. 'tickets'. Use the capitalization that you would use in the middle of a sentence. (default bugs, type string, scope instance)
Use this parameter to specify the time (number of days) to live of the bugs. If a bug is not modified before the number of days specified by this parameter, it will be automatically closed. This will work only for the instance of the bug tracker specified by the BugTrackerInsance parameter in the acs-kernel package. Leave this parameter in 0 (zero) if you do not want to automatically close any bug. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
At what length should bug descriptions be truncated on the bug list pgae. (default 200, type number, scope instance)
Enable versions for this project (default 1, type number, scope instance)

Bug Tracker Summary for Package: bug-tracker

Open Bugs: 34
Latest Bug Opened: 2018-12-13 unable to change meta-data of bugtracker entries
Latest Bug Fixed: 2018-12-13 Sort resolver names alphabetically.
Top Bug Submitters: Jeff Davis (9) Jade Rubick (7) Lars Pind (5) Paul Huibers (5) Tilmann Singer (4)
Top Bug Fixers: Lars Pind (35) Jeff Davis (11) Dave Bauer (2) Jade Rubick (2) Frank N. (2) Gustaf Neumann (2) Joe Cooper (1)

Code Metrics Summary for Package: bug-tracker

# Tcl Procs 144
# Tcl Lines 3474
# Tcl Blank Lines 521
# Tcl Comment Lines 199
# Automated Tests 1
# Stored Procedures PG: 15 ORA: 22
# SQL Lines PG: 1185 (blank 165 comments 168) ORA: 989 (blank 116 comments 89)
# ADP pages 36
# ADP lines 1089
# Include pages (bug-tracker/lib/) 6
# Documentation pages 5 (Package Documentation)
# Documentation lines 695
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