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OpenACS/dotLRN windows installer how to

This page is obsolete and kept as a reference.

The how-to for a well maintained Windows installation is here.

OpenACS/dotLRN windows installer how to
Required software:

  • Inno Setup 5 or higher


Installer Sources:
The installer source consists in a main Inno Setup script “installer.iss” and could be found in cvs or obtained with the installer.

Other files:
There are some necessary file numbers in order to build the installer.

  •  tcl\bintallerw.tcl: the AOLserver configuration script
  •  Install.xml: this XML file control the packages installed by the OpenAcs installer
  •  tcl\Windows-procs.tcl: This file includes various hacks to make OpenACS work     on Windows.Replaces the TCL exec command on Windows, allowing exec to be called with unix-y arguments.Index.tcl : file used for automatic installation.
  • Index-org.tcl: file used for manual installation.
  • Installer.tcl: file used in automatic installation.
  • Installer-org.tcl: file used in manual installation.
  • Stara.bat, stop.bat: batch files for starting and stopping all services.
  • Tools/setx.exe, tools/reg.exe ,/tools/uzip.exe, /tools/reg.exe Windows command line tools necessary for the installation process.
  • AOLServer
  •  CygWin Unix environment for Windows. also contains the PostgreSQL database
  •  cygwin.bat: file to launch cygwin unix environment console.
  •  license_en.txt: license text file.
  •  important.txt: extra info text file.
  •  Note.txt : especial notes text file.

Download Resources


Building the installer:


  1. In order to build this installer we need to place all the resources in a folder.
  2. Create tools and tcl folders with the files before mentioned.
  3. Download OpenACS, dotLRN and all desired package and place in a folder and named “oacs-dotlrn”
  4. Open the file installer.iss and generate the installer.

The installer.iss has to important parts:
    [Files] section:
        In this section are listed all the sources for the installer, in this part you
        Can change or add any source that you want.
    [Run] section:
        In this section is where all commands are executed, like the cygwin installation, postgreSQL installation and AOLserver.
    [Code] section:
        Section for define procedures or functions to work around the installation.

These are the main sections in the “installer.iss” script. And the sections that have to be changed form personalize the installer.

developed at the Galileo University ( by Byron Haroldo Linares Roman as part of the E-LANE project (

Instructions on using the installer are at:

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