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Attribute Management System

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Summary: Store attributes via the Content Repository, and auto generate input forms
Description: AMS (Attribute Management System) helps in customizing your website. It lets you adjust what information is collected and displayed for any package that is integrated with it. AMS allows you to easily and dynamically add attributes to forms and display pages, using a Tcl API or an admin interface. AMS uses the content repository to store attribute history for any object on the system.
Maturity: New Submission or Maturity Unknown
This package depends on: acs-lang postal-address ref-countries ref-us-states ref-us-zipcodes telecom-number
Packages that depend on ams: contacts
Package parameters:
address-widget: DefaultAdressLayoutP
Especify the default template for input and display layout for the address. Set to 1 for { street, city, state, zip, country } or 0 for { street, zip, city, state, country } (default 1, type number, scope instance)
address-widget: DefaultISOCountryCode
Specify the default ISO Country Code(s) to be used for all address widgets. The first country that will show up is the first entry in this list. The countries specified here will be be at the top of the country list seperated from all other country codes. If left blank it will default to whatever country is alphabetically first in the language used. For a complete list of codes look at the countries table in the database. (default , type string, scope instance)
address-widget: DefaultStreetLines
Maximum number of lines of text the street address may have (default 3, type number, scope instance)
address-widget: DefaultStreetSize
Maximum number of characters the street address might have (default 100, type number, scope instance)
address-widget: HideISOCountryCode
Specify the country names to hide when displaying addresses. Specify they ISO Country Code(s) here as a space seperated list for all countries that apply. If all your workers mail letters from one country you will likely not want to or need to print that country's name on letters, envelopes, reports, etc. (default , type string, scope instance)
telecom-number-widget: ForceCountryCodeOneFormatting
If set to "1" AMS will force phone numbers to follow the country zone code 1 rules (US, Canada, etc.), all phone numbers will need to follow the 'three digit area code'-'three digits - 4 digits'x'Extension' format. All "international" numbers will need to have the format "011-'Country_Code'-'Area_Code'-'Subscriber_number'x'Extension' format. If set to "0" telecom numbers will not be seperated into these elements, and the whole number will be entered in the DB as the subscriber number just as input in the form. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
telecom-number-widget: MobileURL
If this is set, all <b>mobile</b> phone numbers will have an SMS button with a URL, so you could click on the number and send an SMS using the URL specified. The target of the URL should recieve the mobile_phone_number as a value and provide an interface to type a textmessage which will be send as SMS. (default , type string, scope instance)
telecom-number-widget: PhoneURL
If this is set, all phone numbers will be underlined with a URL, so you could click on the phone number and your Windows application starts a Phone Connection to the number you clicked on. Usually this is done using the phone protocol, so a save value is 'phone:$telecom_number' (default , type string, scope instance)

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