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2007-02-12 .LRN meeting minutes

Present: Caroline, Cesar, Carlos, Jesús, Gustaf, Rocael. 

- Cesar will research and advise on restricted grants model of funding for specific projects in non-profit work:
Restricted grants ARE possible:
We just have to be careful to account for them and we have to make sure that we don't spend beyond the grant.
Cesar: Also let me know what kind of use a restricted grant might take, from whom it might come, and I will research further.

- Google Coop, suggested by Caroline, will post a news items so people add related sites:
the uses I see are to make it easier for new people to find documentation and use cases about the technology as it tends to be distributed on different sites, vendors pages, blogs etc.

- Some institutions need special type of invoices in order to be able to do payments, institutions will request special type of invoices, then will be determined how to proceed within the Consortium.

- About promotion, to be effective we need news, about releases, capabilities, others.
Cesar elaborated a news about IMS-LD. Carlos will check.
.LRN Board members agree to write down about the work in progress they are doing in different topics, and put them on wiki page so we collaborate on them.

- SCORM compliant:  the platform needs to be SCORM compliant if we want to have the required market in our institutions.

- Solidify dates for .LRN Spring Conference (Gustaf) and help him get things running for that
Dates are as sent by Gustaf. Will check if possible extra days / rooms.

- Send out invoices for 2007 membership fees (RHR and CRB)
Check status here: Members
We need to elaborate the short "Membership Benefits", will ask help to Cesar.

- We agree to put minutes on the wiki at

- Clarify legal and tax status (CRB)
- Send out final invoices for conference sponsorship and enter expenses (CRB)
- Send out invoices for 2007 membership fees (RHR and CRB)
- Check SCORM status
- Check IMS-LD news item

Next meeting:
To be determined using


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