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.LRN 2.4 Release Notes

Note: This release notes were created based on the change log from .LRN 2.3.1 to current status of the branch oacs-5-4. (changelog_.lrn_2.4.0_-_2.4.1)


  • Allow editing of CSS files if running OpenACS 5.4 with template::head support


  • Fix problem with Daylight Saving Time when creating recurring events.


  • Added missing keys and translated to es_ES

    Use default style for list template. Minor HTML strict cleanup.

    Implementation of NotificationType for assessment_response has been added in version 0.10d4 and an upgrade apm-callback provided but has never been added to the install procs.
    1. Created a new proc that creates the binding
    2. Added the call to that new proc to the after_install apm-callback
    3. Added the upgrade for this version (check that the binding doesn't exist before creating it)

    Fix for Bug
    #3129 (Method "as::section::copy" does not work),
    #3135 (When all sections are deleted, it is not possible to create a new one from the admin UI.),
    #3136 (Deleting and moving sections in the admin UI does not work.),
    #3139 (Entry and Exit pages fails due to limitation of field length in the DB),
    #3149 (Not live assessment can be accessed)


  • Fixed problem with navbar when name contain spaces.

    Fixed errors on attachment for Oracle.

    Fixed error on filename. It added extension to file with extension


  • Removing / from <input ... /> and from <br/> tag to meet HTML transitional requirements

    Removed event handler for onMouseOver and onMouseOut event

    High contrast stylesheet for calendar

    1. Changed the alternative text of the icons in the view selection bar
    2. Added a label in the form to go to a date in the mini calendar
    3. Minor changes to improve the layout

    Reduced nested tables for mini-calendar. Moved style to CSSs. Added caption and headers to the mini-calendar table.

    Added caption and headers in day, week and month view.

    Improved tables caption and links title texts.

    1. Always insert all-day event as starting and ending at 00:00 in the server timezone (using it as a flag). Don't convert to the user timezone when retrieving them for display.
    2. Use condition start=end for all-day event


  • Added capability to define the widget upon mapping a category tree, effectively allowing single and multiple choice

    Fix missing column "widget" in category_tree_map in Oracle

    Fixed problem with repeat parameter on procedure


  • Fixed error when install dotlrn


  • new look for dotlrn-admin-portlet


  • Fix to store and retrieve the syllabus for whatever language used by the user


  • Adding dotlrn_community::membership_approve callback

    Set default order for class members

    Name of the community is required to create it (was optional).

    Changed access keys to use digits instead of letters as it is commonly done in websites that address accessibility

    Added title attribute to the links for expand/collapse communities lists

    Show package_id in the toolbar

    Pass the doc array property up to the master

    Removed 'update bio' action and references from user list

    Sorting applets by name using i18n


  • Solved bug in function switch

    Add condition for not sum the grades not live

    Solved problem with role in subgroups with evaluation


  • Added referrer arg to return to caller after enabling/disabling a FAQ


  • We download a ZIP file so the extension is fixed

    Adding support for the categorization of files (if the CategoriesP parameter is enabled for a package instance)

    Moving categories_limitation partial query to a db_map

    Now copy and move urls is working

    Fixed link with view package

    Fixing bug where label is called but name is meant preventing the proc from dying if the owner does not exist. Also adding the file extension to published file names (if it isn't already at the end of the file) so that a users default application is used instead of asking the user to select an application for a file that may be a doc, pdf, jpg, etc.

    Fixed error with fs_context_bar_list: argument extra_vars isn't use. Add extra_vars to query.

    Changed moveByCopyDeleteP default value to 0 , moreover the moveByCopyDelete only moves the live revision of the file


  • Activate allow_bulk_actions parameter at include

    Added missing labels for list template columns

    Don't show notification chunk nor webdav one when portlet is shaded


  • Redirecting always to the whole thread view after posting.

    Add reading info creation scripts

    Store and display reading info

    Added support for attachments

    Adding variable unread_or_new_query to allow reading_info feature. Change unread_or_new_query by unread_or_new_query_clause using db_map to support oracle and PostgreSQL

    Date/time/number localization

    Factored pages into includes.

    Fixed bug #872: threaded forums UI issues

    Fixed some problems with constraints

    Fixing the display of messages for forums in flat mode:
    1. Removing buttons "expand", "collapse" ( flat mode and threaded mode ).
    2. Showing messages ordered by input.
    3. Showing messages in "flat" mode.
    4. Removing "Replay" button.

    Lots of display fixes. colors parametrized. inline CSS, uses ad_text_to_html

    Major update to forums UI and supporting stuff

    Cleaned up forums.js

    Added callback implementation of forums_forum for search

    Renamed mark_all_readed files to mark-all-read

    Oracle compatibility fix

    Fixed error on portlet if forums_reading_info is activated.

    Remove unused parameter UseReadingInfo

    Fixed package forum-reading-info for Oracle

    Moved the reply, forward, etc. buttons after the content (in the read order) but keep it displayed at the same place


  • Changes to use ad_form and formtemplate for creating/editing a news item


  • Show date with format

    Refactored to use list template in an accessible way


  • Changing <b> tag to <em> tag to meet accessibility requirements

    Removed obsolete code for curriculum bar (not used in the zen template)

    Added 'Valid HTML 4.01' blue icon to the Zen footer

    New greater contrast portlet background.

    Used high contrast color for form errors too

    1. Added an accessibility page that lists the available access keys and styles
    2. Moved the style switcher links to the accessibility page (should go to the control panel eventually)
    3. Made the "skip to main content" visible and added the link to the accessibility page in the same block
    4. Added a hidden "you are here" in front of the breadcrumbs
    5. Changed access keys from letters to digits

    Get breadcrumbs separator from acs_subsite parameter

This work was done for the .LRN Consortium


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