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.LRN Zen Project: Package Completion Checklist

 Package  File 508 AA Con HTML Notes UNED
news www/index.adp            
www item-create.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www preview.adp            
www news-admin-portlet x x x      
www news-portlet.adp x x x      
www summary.adp x x x      
www folder-create            
www file-add            
www simple-add            
www fs-portlet            
www applets-chunk.adp x 13.1 x   AA caused by breadcrumbs and tabs having same name  
www communities.adp x x x      
www communities-chunk.adp         uses listbuilder already  
www community-member.adp x x x      
www community-member2.adp            
www community-edit.adp x          
www community-edit-2.adp            
www community-type.adp x x x      
www community-types-chunk.adp         converted to list builder  
www control-panel.adp x x x      
www courses.adp x x x   no content  
www deregister-confirm.adp            
www dotlrn-group-admin-faq.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www dotlrn-main-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-user-faq.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www element-list.adp         converted to use list builder  
www element-rename.adp            
www help.adp         Need to be i18n  
www manage-memberships.adp         converted to use list builder  
www member-add.adp x x x      
www member-add-2.adp         FORM-BUILDER - INLINE  
www member-confirm.adp            
www member-email.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www member-email-confirm.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www members.adp         LIST BUILDER  
www members-chunk.adp            
www members-chunk-table.adp         LIST-BUILDER  
www my-communities.adp         LIST-BUILDER  
www spam-2.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www spam-recipients.adp         LIST BUILDER/ FORM BUILDER  
www spam-variables.adp         LIST BUILDER  
www user-add.adp            
www user-add-2.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www weblog-control-panel.adp            
lib bio.adp x x x      
  dotlrn-admins         FORM-BUILDER - INLINE  
notifications all user visible files x x x   DONE  
www dotlrn-admin-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-members-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-members-staff-portlet x x x      
www dotlrn-portlet.adp x x x      


calendar + portlet              
www view (day/week/month/list) x   x x

no HC

problem with form

calendar-portlet/ww all portlets x   x x no HC  
faq   508 AA Con HTML    
www one-faq x x x x

table used for layout needs to be change

- ah found the table.  looking into it.

www one-question x x x x    
www cat*     x   needs lots of work  
www index x x x x    
www/admin index x x x x    
www/admin faq-add-edit     x      
www/admin configure x x x x    
www/admin one-faq     x      
www/admin q-and-a-add-edit     x      
www/admin one-question     x      
www/admin faq-disable x x x x    
www/admin faq-delete     x      
www/admin swap     x      
www index.adp            
www instructions.adp            
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