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Assessment Admin UI


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 The current UI is very confusing and cluttered.

Our vision of a final UI is that a assessment creator would pick a type of assessment he wants and the site will set all defaults appropriately for it. However, the first attempt to do this was a failure so we are working on an incremental approach that we think will provide value with minimal effort. Our intent is that later we move to an even friendlier UI.

 Incremental Improvement Vision:  The current user experience is: every time you create anything you are confronted by many many choices, most of which you can ignore. Similarly all the admin pages have many repeated buttons and its not clear when you want to do what.  Thus our goal is:

  • Creation pages are very very simple and useful defaults are set for everything.
  • Objects then have one button to an Edit page that has all the complex things you can do with the object.

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These are screenshots of the work in progress.


Simplified quick assessment creation form. 


One Assessment Admin Page 


One Section Admin Page



 Add a question page.

First the original question form:

Now the new form. The question creation process used to require filling out 3 forms. We compressed it to one form by removing unused settings, and making intelligent default decisions. Some more work needs to be done. Assessment has a huge amount of complex features and it is not clear how they are used together to create a certain type of assessment. It is clear that all of the settings rarely need to be used together.


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