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Documentation Credits

Documentation Credits

Bibliography: Where did this document come from?

This document is really just plagiarism from a number of documents that came before it. If something is used without proper credit, let us know so we can fix it right away.

The short bibliography:

  • OpenACS Documentation Versions 4.6.2 to present were edited by Joel Aufrecht.
  • ArsDigita installation guide
  • OpenACS 3.x installation guide
  • Gilbert Wong's FreeBSD installation guide
  • Vinod Kurup's Brief OpenACS4 installation guide
  • Joel Aufrecht's OpenACS 4.5 Quick Guide

Known authors and contributors

Acknowledgments for versions of the above documents go (in no particular order) to Bryan Quinn, Adam Farkas, Brian Stein, Doug Hoffman, Ravi Jasuja, Hiro Iwashima, Ryan Lee, Jonathan Goler, Audrey Mcloghlin, Doug Harris, Zvi Boshernitzan, Michael Yoon, Cesar Brea, Dennis Gregorovic, David Fullagar, Chris Spears, Kevin Tupper, Michael Duffy, Simon Carstensen, Dave Bauer, Tracy Adams, Greg Haverkamp, Philip Greenspun, Jin Choi, Sean Yamamoto, David Cohen, Chris Rasch, Richard Li, Jon Griffin, Roberto Mello, Gilbert Wong, Don Baccus, Ben Adida, Michael Cleverly, Janne Blonqvist, Jonathan Ellis, Janine Sisk, Jade Rubick, Chris Hardy, Jonathan Marsden, Vinod Kurup, Charles Hall, Tom Jackson and Karl Lehenbauer.

Others who have contributed to this document: Robert Taylor, Ryan Gallimore, Gustaf Neumann, Torben Brosten, Don Baccus, Roberto Mello, Talli Somekh, Dave Bauer, Jim Lynch, Jon Griffin, Daryl Biberdorf, Bjorn Thor Jonsson, Jade Rubick, Fred Yankowski, Dan Chak, Sebastiano Pilla, Reuven Lerner, Malte Sussdorff, Stan Kaufman, Pascal Scheffers and Rocael Hernández.

Contributers to xowiki documents, including this one: en:contributors 

Finally, much appreciation and thanks goes to the OpenACS community, who have provided much valuable feedback in the fora, which compromises the goals of this documentation.

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