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One Assessment's Administration Page

url stub: /assessment/asm-admin/one-a?assessment_id=12309

 A test example:

Here is a new idea: Lets use a tabbed interface with the following tabs.

 Assessment Name Admin | Results | Section 1 Name |  Section 2 Name

Thus we can cut down on the really long pages and make it easy for people to move between sections.


Assessment Name Admin 

On the one assessment admin page add in the export and permissions we took out from the top level admin page. Display the current values of all the many configuration settings an assessment can use. Since we now have sections and questions on another page we can use the space here to show these details and let people change them one by one. I believe this will be less intimidating then the current form which seems to ask you for 20 incomprehensible decisions right up front.  Eventually we can add links to help text that would explain why you might want to use these different options.


We aren't going to deal with the details of the results page right now, but in day to day operation the results are the most important most used part of the admin interface. It should be easier to get to and we should devote a full page to a UI for browsing and getting to the results you want.


 New Look would be something like


1. Section 1 (SEC_12312) Edit | Preview |  Triggers | Add New Section

  • Lets either use icons or words in class=button. Mixing them is not working. I think words are easier for now.
  • Search for a new section is a particular form of adding a new section. It should be an option AFTER you click Add New Section
  • Edit Display types actually edits the package wide display type. This should be done from the top level page.
  • Everything you might want to do with triggers can be dealt with after you click triggers.
  • Moving a section should be done from the Edit page. We can present a UI that lets people say exactly what section they want this section to follow. Should be easier then incrementally using arrows.
  • Delete should be an "Extreme Action" on the edit page.

Items (Questions)



New Look

2. Last Name  ( QUE_4551)  2 triggers Preview

Edit | Move Up | Move Down | Delete | Copy | New Question 

  • Hide the details of the question until someone clicks Preview then use CSS to display the entire question inline.
  • Searching for questions is a specific way of adding a new question so it should be an option on the new question page. \
  • Trigger administration should be an option on the Edit page. I think we need to keep a visual reminder here when triggers are defined for a question as that is a pretty important and unusual event.

We can repeat Add a New Question and then below that Add a New Section at the bottom of the page for convenience. Remove all references to searching as per above.



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