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Package Specification Summary for Package: acs-content-repository

Summary: The canonical repository for OpenACS content.
Description: Provides the API for creating and managing user generated content including full support for versioning, rendering content to the filesystem, folders and composite content items, and other CMS backing functionality. Utilized by Bug Tracker, File Storage, and other packages.
Documentation: Package Documentation
Maturity: Mature and Standard
This package depends on: acs-kernel acs-service-contract acs-tcl search
Packages that depend on acs-content-repository: acs-mail acs-messaging acs-object-management acs-subsite assessment bug-tracker cms cms-news-demo courses curriculum-central dotlrn-catalog download dynamic-types ec-serial-numbers file-storage general-comments glossary imsld invoices news package-builder photo-album press static-pages tsoap workflow wp-slim xotcl-core
Package parameters:
files: AllowMimeTypeCreationP
Decides whether we allow unknown mimetypes to be automatically registered when encountered. Default is to allow only already registered mimetypes to be put into Content Repository. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
files: CRFileLocationRoot
The directory to which files are published and from where they are retrieved when a files is served. It is taken to be relative to $::acs::rootdir unless FileLocationRelativeP is set to 1 (default content-repository-content-files, type string, scope instance)
files: FileLocationRelativeP
Defaults to 1 which means the FileLocation parameter is relative to the web servers root folder. If set to 0, the FileLocation parameter is an absolute path and so can contain a drive letter for example. Important note: if you change this parameter to 0, remember the system will attempt to retrieve existing files from the new location. You will also need to bounce the server after changing this or the FileLocation value. (default 1, type number, scope instance)
files: ImageMagickConvertBinary
Binary to use with the image:: procs in packages/acs-content-repository/tcl/image-procs.tcl (default /usr/bin/convert, type string, scope instance)
templates: TemplateRoot
The directory to which templates are published and from where they are retrieved when a page is served. If the value does not start with a '/', it is taken to be relative to $::acs::rootdir. Packages that use the content-repository can override this setting by defining their own TemplateRoot parameter. (default templates, type string, scope instance)

Bug Tracker Summary for Package: acs-content-repository

Open Bugs: 10
Latest Bug Opened: 2005-06-22 acs-content-repository cr_after_upgrade fails
Latest Bug Fixed: 2017-03-07 Error on Windows installation upon startup: content-init.tcl - couldn't execute "touch": no such file or directory.
Top Bug Submitters: B Charles (7) Lurch . (5) Malte Sussdorff (4) Dave Bauer (4) Tilmann Singer (4)
Top Bug Fixers: Dave Bauer (38) Gustaf Neumann (14) Jeff Davis (8) Lars Pind (5) Don Baccus (3) Malte Sussdorff (3) Emmanuelle Raffenne (3)

Code Metrics Summary for Package: acs-content-repository

# Tcl Procs 273
# Tcl Lines 7631
# Automated Tests 8
# Stored Procedures PG: 0 ORA: 0
# SQL Lines PG: 0 ORA: 0
# ADP pages 7
# ADP lines 49
# Include pages (acs-content-repository/lib/) 0
# Documentation pages 37 (Package Documentation)
# Documentation lines 6139
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