Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Is anyone interested in download reports for file storage?

Aristoi would be interested in participating in coding/funding a joint project to create a general package, not a file storage specific solution. For our requirements the solution needs to be scalable and not affect performance. We do not need it to be real time; the data can be 24 hours old.

We do require both page based and a user based views. Our requirements are to track probably 2 dozen or so different pages, we do not require a solution that tracks every click.

We've been looking at the idea's Don and others have proposed for analyizing logs possibly using an open source log analyzer tool such as anlalog or webalize. aD used to have an old package for 3x called Reportee that was a wrapper for analog, which might be worth looking at as a starting point.

Does anyone else have similar requirements and an interest in this kind of approach?

Are there any news on either the file-storage specific solution or the general approach?