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8: Re: Marketing Team (response to 7)
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Vivian,

You may well be right and my personal current option agrees with some of what you say but not all. However, someone (I forget who now) had a suggestion I thought was very wise. That we do something really simple right now, with only one team and no election, try it out for a year, get some real experience with how interactions with OpenACS, Consortium, OCT etc. will go, then revisit these issues. I personally feel I'll have a much better idea of how the governance should work after we've done it for a while.

Do you think we can live with a more informal process for a year?

Do you think the plan on the wiki could work for a year?

I'd like to put this on the OCT agenda for this Wed. We need to have a TIP by OCT to implement this.

It would be great if interested people could show up to the OCT meeting in IRC Wed GMT 1700. We should also continue discussing here.


9: Re: Marketing Team (response to 8)
Posted by Avni Khatri on
hiya Caroline -

I think the OCT meetings are 1600GMT right now due to daylight savings time. :-)


10: Re: Marketing Team (response to 9)
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Thanks Avni!