Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Calendar features - ICAL - SyncML

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
We have a version of the calender in production since more than two years that allows

a) to download iCAL calenders into OpenACS
b) to publish calenders via iCAL (others can subscribe)
c) sync calenders based on iCAL

This is tested with mozilla calender and the program iCAL under Mac OS X. The publishing semantics are different between Mozilla and Mac OS X iCAL (if one downloads a calender on Mac OS X and publishes the calender again, the entry IDs are changed, so a bidirectional syncing is not possible). Already importing calenders into OpenACS calender is quite useful, since one can e.g. download public holidays and provide this as entries for all users.

I have implemented this functionality quite a long time ago, so it is not unlikely, that porting it to the actual release will require some work.

We have done no work for integrating Google calendar or SyncML.

Posted by Jose Pablo Escobedo Del Cid on

We are very interested on the iCAL feature. Please, let us know when you do the porting or if there is another wat to get the code and try to do it ourselves.



Posted by Koen Breugelmans on
Hi there,

was there any decision made on this? I'm going to look into getting the Calendar instances my workplace has, shared amongst the iCal/Mozilla Sunbird users too. still need to learn a lot about this, so I want to decide where I'll start first :)

kind regards,