Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP #110 (Implemented): <package_instance_name> attribute at the .info

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This TIP is to propose to add a new attribute for the packages that will contain the right instance name (a message key) when the instantiation happens.

Based on this post:

TIP will contain:
1. Changes to have a new attribute: apm_package_version::attributes::get_spec
2. Use this new attribute when instantiation happens at: apm_package_instance_new
3. Upgrade script (tcl package callback) to update already instantiated instances. (in acs-tcl)

Also, the messages keys for the common application will be provided.

The script to change will be there, but if administrator wants to change the instances names to msg-keys, he will need to call the proc manually. No automatic upgrade will happen.
With Roc's amendment to the proposal.
approve with amendment.
Approved with ammendments.
All those changes are implemented and committed in HEAD.