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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
i think, i found and fixed the problem. The problem was not directly related to the xotcl-request-monitor, but to libthread (although most people install libthread for the XOTcl request monitor). The old code checked for the existence of libthread and was switching to the nicer steaming mode, when it was installed. However, bgdelivery requires as well my ns_conn patch to work (see

Most probably you have libthread but not the patched aolserver installed. The patch for this problem is in CVS head, if you don't want to upgrade to the current xotcl-core, take the following change: If my theory is right you should have a slightly different error message as nima (something like "unknown command bgdelivery"), since bgdelivery is only created, when the patch is installed. my best guess for nima's problem is still

Concerning reinstalling: the patch to the aolserver requires a compilation of the aolserver (including a "make install"). It requires a reinstallation of the aolserver, but not of your openacs instance.

7: Re: Problems using chat (response to 6)
Posted by Matthew Coupe on
That worked a treat thanks Gustaf,

I didn't need to recompile aolserver with libthread using the chat-procs fix. I'll save that for a few months time.

I'm not sure how people manage to keep up with all the developments on OpenACS at the moment!