Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Core team heads-up. Check for curriculum bar in default master committed to HEAD

Do we really want package specific stuff in the default-master? I vote no - if this becomes a trend then we'll have a default-master cluttered with 10 different if clauses that no one knows and so complicated that the average openacs user doesn't dare to touch and modify it, and possibly related problems with CVS conflicts on a customized default-master (I just updated my checkout and the curriculum bar conflicts with some modifications I made to that file - it wouldn't be nice if that happens everytime something regarding the package specific parts gets changed in the repository).

What about a little instruction in the docs of curriculum where and how to add the <include> tag for the bar?

developer-support is a bad example, agreed. One could argue that developer-support is somehow special, because it isn't a user application, but I wouldn't have it included in the default-master either.

What do others think about that?