Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP#109 Add support for TinyMCE

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

i have no idea, what you read out of my above message, but it was certainly not what i intended to communicate. just to make things clear:

a) i did not break the back button.

b) the back button issues of older versions of xinha as reported by dave were: if someone opens the rich text editor, types in some text, presses back (without saving the text) - and presses forward again to reach the editor page again - looses the previously typed in text.

c) these issues were fixed by the xinha team and are fixed in the openacs cvs head version as well. maybe, i should commit these to the oacs-5-3 branch as well if other oct members think it should be done.

d) i was testing the back button (yes, i know how to use it). In all versions the back button did roughly what it is meant to do (going to the previously page). There was apparently a second bug (necessary to hit back twice) but this was most probably fixed earlier). Both bugs are resolved in the current xinha versions under firefox (linux, mac os x, windows).

e) The "disappearing typed-in text" bug is NOT fixed when xinha is used with the IE.

f) The "disappearing typed-in text" bug exists as well in TinyMCE when used with the IE (at least, what i see from the demo pages from TinyMCE). Since still most users use IE (more than 54% at our site), the whole issue is not resolved for most users, no matter whether xinha or tinymce is used.

g) Since i was not sure, what the exact test conditions of dave were, i asked him to check again with the newer version.

jim, please don't post flames on issues, you are not familiar with. There are good reasons to use xinha (e.g. various plugins developed by the xinha community (such as stylist) or by xinha users (e.g. us)). There are as well good reasons for using tinymce (e.g. a company which supports it, or its opera support). Therefore, there are good reason to include both rich-text editors in openacs.

Btw, both editors can be configured with a minimal toolbar.