Forum OpenACS Q&A: How is everyone?

Posted by Simon at TCB on
Hello all,

Been a long time baby.... as they say. How are things going? I've not been to the site for months, so just thought I'd say hi and see how things are progressing.

The first thing I noticed is no more testing forum. Did that effort die a death then?

As you probably noticed OpenMSG is no more? (R.I.P) but I've decided to embark on a new venture which has absolutely nothing to do with IT. I reckon there's only so much tech you can take before you crack....

Anyway, OpenMSG is now Pete and I in, so any budding arty people out there, looking for representation or whatever.... you can always look us up.

Anyway, be nice to hear how things are going.



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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Hello Simon!

I'm sorry to see OpenMSG go, but best of luck with the new venture(s).

I remember that you released your text messaging extensions to AOLserver and OpenACS - are they still available somewhere for download?  I realize you may not want to support the code or host the files, so perhaps they could be added to the AOLserver repository on SourceForge or the OpenACS file storage with the appropriate caveats?

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Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Simon,

Nice to hear you are ok.  I have been actually trying to get in touch.  Like Jamie, I am also looking for the SMS code.  We are likely just going to take the SMS gateway route.  But I am still interested in your SMS code.  Thanks.

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Posted by Don Baccus on
Hey Simon, good to hear from you.  I did notice that no longer existed just last week and figured that you guys had tanked.  Sorry to hear it but hope your new venture does well.

We consolidated some forums but testing per se hasn't died.  We had a concerted and fairly well organized testing setup for  the .LRN 1.0 release.  We'll put together another testing effort for OpenACS 5.0 - our interim 4.6.x releases have been incremental and tested in ad hoc manner, not the best solution but the best we've managed thus far.

Folks are starting to use the automated test package a bit and I've been slowly looking into integrating tclwebtest into it so there's hope.  Things move glacially except when funded directly by clients, as you know ...