Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: AOLserver 3.3.1 for Win32 release available in new-file-storage

Hi, I test the package AOLserver 3.3.1+ad13 for Win32 and Oracle8.1.7 and ACS3.X(acs-3-4-10-R20010211) ! It work well ! But I also need nsgd.dll ! Please C. R. Oldham to compile the NSGD module for us OK ?
It might be easier to try your setup with my binaries of AOLserver 4 beta 8. The installer includes nsgd and many other modules.

Compiling nsgd is a lot of work because it depends on so many libraries. See step #8 in my AOLserver build instructions. The nsgd sources on SourceForge also need a patch to compile on Windows. Because nsgd has gotten almost no testing on Windows, you might find some more bugs.


Sorry, I just don't have the time or the resources to build nsgd.