Forum OpenACS Development: Any Chinese language experts out there?

I'm talking to a prospective client who has an existing site we would take over. The site content is written in Traditional Chinese characters, stored in a Unicode database in Postgres. The Traditional characters are translated into Simplified Chinese for display, by going through an Apache site running a translation program.

The translation program was written by and for Chinese-speaking people and has no English information available. It's also a proprietary program for which they pay a yearly licensing fee.

My primary interest is to find any sort of program like this that has enough English informatino available that I feel I can support it properly. Google has not been terribly helpful so far. Ideally I would like to find something open source, as this is a non-profit and the rest of their site is in OpenACS, but that is secondary. They're willing to pay for it if they have to.

Suggestions on where to look would be very helpful at this point.

Posted by Karl Tsai on
Hi Janine,

How are you? Recognized your name from a couple years back when you were (maybe still are?) with Firefly.

There is a conversion program called convertz which is pretty good. I've used it myself for years. Not 100% sure this is what you are looking for though.