Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN and standards compliance

Posted by Peter Marklund on
I know there have been various initiatives towards SCORM/IMS compliance and I just wanted to check what the status of those are. There was also an RFP from Al Essa to make .LRN support the Common Data Interchange Format, see

What are the plans for increasing the standards compliance of .LRN?

Posted by Talli Somekh on
OKI also just announced their specs and a request for comment.


Posted by Alfred Essa on
Peter, we need to do some work here. I have started working on a "business case" for .LRN organized around the following topics:

a) Functionality
b) Architecture
c) Standards
d) Total Cost of Ownership
e) Support

For each we need both current status and roadmap. Carl has been working on roadmap for .LRN v2 and we hope to make it available with the next week. We will begin working on something similar for standards, including IMS, SCORM, ADA Compliance, and OKI. Standards are critical and this needs to be part of te .LRN story. Thanks for raising this.

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Andrew Grumet has a very good understanding of OKI, particular the specification for external authentication. We are hoping that the external authentication work for .LRN will take into account the OKI specs.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I can only stress the importance for the support of standards after attending the ELearningday yesterday. The CampusSource initiative is creating a pool for E-Learning tools, that range from an LMS to grade systems, content creation software and university administration system. Heidelberg together with us has applied for dotLRN to join this pool and it looks really good (though there is a license problem, due to the fact that the GPL version 2 does not comply with current German law in all aspects, version 3 takes this into account). The vision is to have multiple tools that are able to work together to create a customized solution for the university needs (best of breed approach). But at the moment the most important thing would be to make the tools apply some standards to allow data exchange (not talking about functionality...). From what I got so far, SCORM is the one they (Campus Source Guidence) have agreed to recommend to all tools, so we are on track there.