Forum OpenACS Development: Re: new gentoo ebuilds for aolserver-4.0_beta8 and for modules

Yes, specifically uncomment the
line in /etc/make.conf.

Then, ensure you have that dir and the subdirs in which to place the ebuild:
in which goes the aolserver-4.0_beta8.ebuild
The only tricky one is the nssha1 one, in which you have to make
and put in that the diff nssha1-0.1.diff
in addition to putting the ebuild in nssha1/
Often, additionally, although sometimes portage will detect ebuilds in your overlay dir from anywhere, it sometimes helps to run emerge <ebuildfilename> while in the ebuild's directory, if for some reason portage can't find your newly downloaded ebuild. Give that a shot.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!

Thanks Chris and Jon! This is really great. I once spent a whole weekend installing OACS on gentoo, what with creating the users in the right groups in the right dirs, etc. All I had to do tonight was "emerge aolserver.ebuild"!