Forum OpenACS Development: Re: new gentoo ebuilds for aolserver-4.0_beta8 and for modules

Hey Talli! Glad it worked for you!!

On a related note, here's my suggestion for 'Install Documentation Lite' for gentoo 😉

I've added a tDOM ebuild to the Gentoo bug tracker.

There is also an OpenFTS ebuild.

For my setup I modified Chris's ebuilds, per his comments, to install into the Gentoo standard filesystem and posted them back to Gentoo tickets linked in his post above. Also here is an example config.tcl which you would need to get your OpenACS going with AOLServer installed in this way.

Forgot to mention that I added service control scripts /etc/init.d and /etc/conf.d.
Wow, thanks for picking up the ball Lee!  I understand that the default directories have changed recently in gentoo (I am in the process of upgrading both my apache and my aolserver to your latest aolserver ebuild).  I will give some feedback on my success with the new aolserver ebuild hopefully this weekend.