Forum OpenACS Development: Umm.... have a strange problem creating an album

Posted by Chris Johnson on
I have cvs up'd my contrib/packages/photo-album and placed that in my project's packages/photo-album dir, installed the package (gone through this twice now dropping the whole db to make sure), but then I can't create a new album. Could this error be because I'm running postgres 7.3.2 ? Is this a bug?
[16/Jun/2003:01:41:41][8505.49156][-conn:relentless-oacs::0] Debug: PLPGSQL: bypassed anon function
[16/Jun/2003:01:41:41][8505.49156][-conn:relentless-oacs::0] Notice: Querying '
      select pa_album__new (
	      'test1', -- name          
	      '344', -- album_id       
	      '343', -- parent_id	     
      	      't', -- is_live	     
	      '298', -- creation_user  
	      '', -- creation_ip    
	      'test1', -- title	     
	      'test desc', -- description    
	      'test story', -- story	    
              'chris', -- photographer
	      null, -- revision_id
	      current_timestamp, -- creation_date
	      null, -- locale
	      null, -- context_id
	      current_timestamp, -- publish_date
	      null -- nls_language
[16/Jun/2003:01:41:41][8505.49156][-conn:relentless-oacs::0] Error: Ns_PgExec: result status: 7 message: ERROR:  
Function pa_album__new("unknown", "unknown", 
"unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", 
timestamptz, "unknown", "unknown", timestamptz, "unknown") does not exist
	Unable to identify a function that satisfies the given argument types
	You may need to add explicit typecasts
Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Hi Chris,

Yes, i think this is a PG7.3 issue. I did my testing on 7.2. We need to change 'timestamp' to 'timestamptz' in all of the PL/pgSQL function definitions.