Forum OpenACS Q&A: aolserver 3.4.2 on oacs4.6.3 dies...

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Posted by Jerome M on
for some reason my aolserver dies... hmmm im thinking its because of my servers specs w/c is P3-128MB-4Gig SCSI...
or i might be wrong...

whenever i start oacs my nsd process scales upto 98% CPU usage...

can someone tell me the problem...


Posted by Jade Rubick on
Jerome, I don't think it's unreasonable to run your site on that hardware. It's push it, but it shouldn't kill Aolserver.

However, you haven't given us nearly enough information to help you out.

Posted by Jerome M on
whenever i run aolserver + oacs on backgroud or foreground it works fine hmm but not for a long time...

this is the last line im getting...
[19/Jun/2003:14:14:40][30302.17418][-sched:18-] Notice: Running scheduled proc notification::sweep::sweep_notifications...
[19/Jun/2003:14:14:40][30302.17418][-sched:18-] Notice: Done running scheduled proc notification::sweep::sweep_notifications.

im using tcl-8.3.3-67

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Hmm, RedHat 8? Maybe you blew your stack when trying to do network activity? Maybe increase your stack size.

Posted by Jerome M on
i tried rebooting the server... hehehe.. and not it works.. hmmm i think my culprit is my memory last time i check my swap memory was down to 0 and actual memory has 3K free..