Forum OpenACS Q&A: Weblogger + News Aggregator + Portlets/Applets Released

Today we finally committed the last changes to the work Collaboraid has been doing for MIT on the Weblogger (i.e. lars-blogger) and News Aggregator packages and their respective dotLRN applets/portlets.

The new stuff can be found on the oacs-4-6 release branch.

Here's a list of our contributions:

- News Aggregator package.

- News Aggregator applet/portlet.

- Weblogger applet/portlet.

- Multiple users can post to one blogger instance. The index page displays either a list of bloggers or all posts belonging to the instance (this is done by setting the DisplayUsersP parameter to true.). Visiting /mount-point/user/<screen_name> will display posts of an individual user.

- Tcl API dotLRN plsql service contracts.

- Oracle port of RSS support.

Have fun! :)

- sbc

We woke up to an embarrassing amount of bugs in the Weblogger package today. Murphy-willingly, we've fixed them all now, and the changes have been committed. We apologize for the buggy release.

- sbc

NICE work Simon (finally had some time to try them out). What you are creating over at based on the same code is also really interesting (especially the planned recommendations and collaborative filtering and as mentioned in the RFC). OpenACS 5.0 and .LRN 2.0 are going to astound with these kind of additions.
Has anyone implemented the Weblogger on a dotLRN installation at this moment? If so, I am keen on knowing how it has been working. If anyone has installed it for a large user base (personal and groups), are there any performance issues/technical details to be aware of before setting it up for a lot of 20,000 active users to begin with.