Forum .LRN Q&A: Community admin pages now use zen layout (div not table) for zen sites

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A fresh install on the oacs-5-3 branch will now create the community admin page and the non-member portal with the Zen two-column layout rather than the old table-based new-portal one.

This was an oversight in 2.3.0 that was not caught in testing.

If you have an existing 2.3.0 Zen-themed site, get fresh copies of the dotlrn and theme-zen packages from CVS (using -r oacs-5-3), update the dotlrn package, and visit /theme-zen/admin. Click on the "upgrade" button and your existing community admin pages and the template for those you create in the future will be updated.

Why do you have to run this upgrade script explicitly? It changes the layout of every portal page in your system from the old table-based layout to the new div-based layout. We didn't want to do that automatically when people install or upgrade the theme-zen package.

Does theme-zen work with vanilla OACS? If not when is the expected timeframe.


The general CSS class scheme is there. The master templates are in a state of transition at the moment, and we'll be changing the way packages pass header information and some other stuff in oacs 5.4, due for release this fall (early, I hope).

Compatibility master templates are provided for existing sites, but eventually we'll probably say "if you wanna upgrade, you gotta upgrade [everything]".

Check out the oacs-5-3 branch and install a test site if you want to get an idea as to where we're going.

Oh, I should make clear that the theme-zen package itself is .LRN only (its master template knows about .LRN navigation toolbars, etc).

But we're working towards a common and simplified and more useful CSS scheme with the goal of (finally) making it easier to "skin" OpenACS as well as .LRN sites.

Some pieces are in common, of course (and always have been). Form and list template CSS are shared between core and .LRN, and both now emit HTML that validates and meets accessibility standards (level 2? is that right? someone who knows this stuff well correct me :)

Hi, I'm tested the code in a new installation oacs-5-3 branch and works perfectly.

Thanks for the aid

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I have run this upgrade, now all is theme zen, sadly it is all one-column instead of two column as before. This is due to theme-zen not loading the 2column.css. Yet when I load it manually, I get both main-content and sidebar-1 moved to the right by 50% instead of using the whole width.

As the admin screens are working I rewrote zen2.adp to exchange the position of elements and make that file use the main-content-sim and sidebar-1-sim divs instead. Now all works. Still totally baffled why.

Did you run the upgrade script in the admin directory?

We chose not to have the APM upgrade automatically do that because doing so modifies every portal page in the system. We thought it was better to require a manual step to switch to the div-based layouts.

Upgrade and install were tested, and Dario seems to have had no problem ...

Oh, I see, you edited the layout, strange.

The layout in CVS seems to work for everyone else, something strange seems to be going on with your install, malte.

Form and list template code (as of oacs-5-3) emits html that is level AA compliant.

More info:

Avni, I am unsure how your answer relates to my problem. The AA complience is not in doubt at this website I had the problem of manually running the upgrade script at.
Malte -

Sorry, I was answering Don's question. (I responded to Post#4).


I need to retract my statement. There are still some aspects of
form and list template code that is not AA compliant.

For example:
the currency and block widgets.

I am not sure about the richtext and date widgets.
We had tested date widget a while back and I thought it was compliant.

Does anyone know the latest status?


Malte -

Do you have a public URL? I can try to help debug this..