Forum OpenACS Development: Re: oops. cvs allows anonymous tagging

Posted by Chris Johnson on
I'll post a bug with patches a little later tonight when I get a free moment. My changes are minimal; it's good to hear that others are working on a more thorough rework of the css-awareness of the system.

Back to tags: apm is so nice and integrated in the system--how can I help to take that last step of decoupling the release of packages from kernel releases?  We already have these nice habits of updating version numbers in the files and data model migration scripts. Couldn't we add:

1. tagging with per-package version name on package boundaries
2. pulling a tagged release out of cvs (or at least a tarball of the release) and placing on wget-accessible web page?

I'd like to help however I can in this; but not being a cvs'er nor a package maintainer, the most I can do at this point is cheerlead.  For final inspiration, check out the community-contributed packages ("blocks", "modules", "themes", etc.) listed (as a db query) on the front page of postnuke: