Forum OpenACS Development: Re: oops. cvs allows anonymous tagging

Posted by Chris Johnson on

Hmm.. adding patch at this time of night is proving to take too long.

Can I search to see if there are previously entered duplicate bugs or patches? Can I upload multiple patches to one bug?

This is tedious for the payoff. Let me describe what I did, and I will upload a patch for each file tomorrow. Time for sleep.

From my text file as I was making changes:

to fully css my site:

  1. edit www/index.adp, default-master.adp, and add default.css
  2. edit packages/acs-subsite/www/register/index.adp, change <a href> to use class="site_nav"
  3. edit acs-tcl/tcl/navigation-procs.tcl, add class="site_nav" to its <a href> in function ad_context_bar_html
  4. in packages/acs-subsite/www/register/index.adp, bad-password.adp, deleted-user.adp, explain-persisten-cookies.adp, packages/acs-subsite/www/user/basic-info-update.adp, password-update.adp remove <property name="context_bar">'to <a href="/">@system_name@</a></property>

The basic idea is that a bunch of adp's substitute something silly for the context_bar property; and I just blew those away (and tested! result is *much* better!). Then I added a class="site_nav" to the hard-coded nav link function, and lastly the user should add the .css file with the a.site_nav{} in it at least... That will take care of the context_bar at least.

Sadly, it is not a general solution. But for anyone that wants a quick and clean hack, I guess that's what this is.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
It would probably be better to say something like
<div id="context"><a href=...> ... </div>
so that you could suppress the context bar entirely in css
via #context {display: none} and could style the a's via
#context a { }.

Ideally we would change context to be a <ul> and do that
fancy inline list stuff so the whole thing could be styled via