Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Access from behind a home firewall.

Posted by Gilbert Price on
I am also on a Netgear router behind a cable modem. Set your nsd.tcl to something like this (my inside lan is on

# listen on these ports
set httpport              80
set httpsport            443

# ns_info will try to guess these values based on
# your OS settings, but you may have to replace them
# with sane values if it guesses wrong!
#set hostname              [ns_info hostname]
set hostname
#set address                [ns_info address]
set address
set server              "labyrinth"
set db_name            $server
set servername          "PCS-SC Community"

Then you'll have to enable port forwarding for port 80 to your hostaddress, in my case port 80 is forwarded to . To access the webserver from inside the lan I have to use the IP address or set  to in the hosts file found in my case c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc .

When people access your website from the Internet side with the IP assigned by the provider, the router will forward the port request to your webserver. I use TZO for Dynamic DNS and when you go to you get sent to the public, the router then forward so my internal webserver.

Hope this helps...