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3: Re: .LRN Update (response to 1)
Posted by David Kuczek on
I just checked out the dotLRN roadmap:

We were once talking about itegrating dotLRN into oacs. dotLRN was supposed to become a configuration option of a standard oacs installation (like dotWRK). Is this still a goal? I didn't see it...

5: Re: .LRN Update (response to 3)
Posted by John Norman on
I see ACS subsite rewrite in dotLRN 2.0 and ACS subsite integration in dotLRN 2.1, both with "more soon" and "$$" - funding required - against them. I hope this is where dotLRN as a configuration of oacs comes in. We (Cambridge) may not be able to come up with cash, but we could probably commit some effort to this project.
7: Re: .LRN Update (response to 3)
Posted by Alfred Essa on
David, Yes. That's still the goal. We want to keep dotLRN as light as possible, having only education specific functionality and the rest rolled into oacs.