Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Screen name / real name parameter

Posted by Bjorn Thor Jonsson on
This feature will be very useful for a small website I'm working on every now and then.

If possible it would be good to have real names optional if ScreenNameP=1.

And it would be very nice to have this on cvs HEAD, or any branch that will include the i18n ability.

Do you plan to add another parameter for keeping email addresses (and real names) private?  Or is that implicit in ScreenNameP=1 ?

A bit related:

Won't the ability to keep email addresses private call for some inter-user-communication features?

A web interface for sending a message to a user's hidden email address, like is possible at Yahoo groups, or a webmail-like private messaging system (messages stored on the web server) like features?

Is there any functionality like this available for OpenACS?  I might try to implement something like that...

Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on

I've made ScreenNameP control only the display of a user's name.  I thought about it also controlling email addresses, but I think that should be a seperate parameter.  There is a priv_email column in the users table, but it looks like the use of that to control display of email address has been depracated. Resurrecting priv_email could allow each user to control the display the display of their own email address.

Whatever method we decide to use, I think there should be some mechanism for controlling email address display.

As for your private-notes package, I've had something like that in mind for a while now.  Maybe that's something we can work together on and get hammered out.