Forum OpenACS Q&A: LinuxWorld SF follow up

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
I was happy to see the OpenACS booth at LinuxWorld in San Francisco and, more importantly, it was nice to meet some of the people that were hanging out there!

For any community, face to face is very important and glad to have seen some faces. I tried to post this as news on OpenACS, but I guess news is moderated -- d'oh...I thought a pleeb like me could post news which would appear unapproved -- but I guess I could see why that's inappropreate...

Anyway, I'm interested in finding out if OpenACS had to pay for the booth or how that worked. Also, will OpenACS have a booth at other linuxworlds? I'm moving to NYC and I would love to meet people out there...finally, whenever OpenACS has a booth anywhere, please post it in the OpenACS news in addition to the forum...

Have a wonderful day.
Eric Wolfram

Posted by Roberto Mello on

Glad you had fun.

This is the second LW OpenACS has been to, the first one being last year's August LW. Talli and Musea are the ones to thank for our presence there.

Hopefully OpenACS will be at every LW. AFAIK we did not have to pay for a booth because we were in the .org pavillion.


Posted by Talli Somekh on
Hey Eric,

Bummer to hear you were there and we missed each other. I must have been on one of my many wanderings away from the booth when you stopped by.

LW actually is amazingly, stupendously generous to open source projects and communities. We get a free booth and 10 free exhibitor passes.

I expect we'll be signing up for the NYC exhibit in January. I'll send in the contract as soon as its up. It would be great to have you around in NYC in January.

Drop me a line when you're in town.


Posted by Don Baccus on
Eric - feel free to submit news then e-mail to inform us that you've done so.

One reason for moderating news is that casual visitors are likely to think news is "official" from our community, and therefore inappropriate news posts might reflect poorly on the community.

While "forums" I think are understood by most to be areas where individuals post their own personal questions, opinions etc ...

Anyway ... we do approve anything that's appropriate for the site.