Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ad_parameter deprecated in favor of parameter::get?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Jonathon ... can you show us the stone tablets upon which God has written that you are the sole arbiter of programming style?  Your attitude that you're right and others are wrong because you understand good style and others don't is not helpful.

Peter makes a good point: we're not going to go change all the existing API that's been added which use named required parameters (Tom makes a strong point in this regard, too, we don't want to arbitrarily break existing third-party code for relatively trivial issues like a shift in group opinion over good style)

I'll raise your 15 years of C programming experience with my 29 years of C programming experience if it's going to come down to arguments of that sort.

I've said previously I have no objection to not naming required parameters but let's argue on the merits rather than get involved in a dick-measuring contest over who better understands programming style.

This issue was raised earlier and there were no strong objections to Open Force's proposal that we adopt the use of namespaces and named parameters (the style they used writing .LRN)

Frankly I'm more concerned with there being a hodgepodge of styles.  Any style used consistently is better than the current situation ...