Forum OpenACS Development: What is the dotlrn-contacts package for?

Hi everybody,

My question may sound a little dummy, but the reason I'm asking is that I have the package installed in my system, but I can't use it for anything. It installed the datamodel ok, but it just doesn't do anything. I can't use it inside a community (it doesn't have the AddSelftoPage SC) or even use the portlet. I don't believe it's supposed to be like this, so I believe I'm doing something wrong.

So my question could be: how can I use it?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
do you have contacts installed ?

The idea is to display all contacts which are linked to a community in that package. Sadly we did not get much beyond this initial idea.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Malte,

Yes, I do have contacts installed. I understand that if I mount contacts under the /dotlrn/contacts instance, it'll map all dotlrn users as contacts. It seems to be working pretty good to me. However, I have the package dotlrn-contacts installed and I can't put it inside any community.

I've checked the the dotlrn_applets table and I realized that dotlrn-contacts is not there. My thought is that there are some callbacks and service contracts missing for the package, and I couldn't use the contacts-portlet either.

The linking of community members as contacts for that package is exactly what I'm looking for. My ideia is that contacts wokrs much like an integration application, similar to Lotus Notes in some points. Do you think these contracts and callbacks implementation would solve the problem so I could use it?