Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ecommerce module & qmail ... still a requirement?

Grr. I don't use Ecommerce so it doesn't affect me, but the code above looks like an example of the wrong way to fix things. Yes, defaulting to using ns_sendmail is probably best, because it will work anywhere AOLserver will, but there's presumably a reason that the qmail specific code was in there in the first place: ns_sendmail is unacceptably slow when sending very large quantities of email. Whoever switched the code to ns_sendmail could have at least left the existing qmail support in there but commented out.

don't you think that those users who switch to a faster MTA than ns_sendmail have enough know how to replace ns_sendmail with the MTA of their choice? Whether that be qmail, postfix, courier or another one of the multitude of MTAs.

I prefer to keep the code clean and free from legacy snippets that are commented out. Especially when the commented code only pertains to one of many possible implementations.

However, for those who would like to keep using qmail, the patch is in