Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Accessing my page/server

Posted by James Bennin on
Ok, in the config file under "/web/servcice0/etc/config.tcl" there are three parameters that could resolve the problem I am having. These are the parameters:

set hostname
set server
set servername

Now the question is, when people on the network are trying to access my server/page, what is the address they are going to browse to?  I know it is something like
"http://*****:8000/" right?  But what goes in the "******", is  it the hostname, the server or the servername?

Thank you

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
the ***** is your hostname or the IP Address of your computer. So if you have an IP Adress of you will have them access your server at Safest method, unless you know your hostname and that name is known through the company as well.

To find out your ip address, use "ipconfig" on the unix shell. To find our your hostname, use "hostname" on the unix shell.

Posted by James Bennin on
I really do appreciate the help and the insights.  I have tried both of the commands (ifconfig not ipconfig) and the values that came up for hostname and ifconfig are the exact same one I have set-up in the config file.  And I have been trying, from different computers on the network to access the server, and still have not seen any success.  Any other suggestions?