Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #8 (Proposed): Modification of default-master.adp structure.

My experience is that tables are easier to use and make for more predictable behaviour than divs across various browsers. Also, I'm not sure I understand the standards compliance argument as HTML tables validate fine with XHTML 1.1.
HTML tables validate fine with XHTML 1.1.

Just try validating and you will see. Besides, as you know, one is supposed to apply proper *structural* mark-ups. Using TABLE to achieve a particular layout for FORM elements is not correct, from standards point.

In fact, even in 4.0 FORM cannot contain a TABLE. You can have a FORM fully inside a TD/TH, but not a TABLE inside a FORM (just try

Granted, ther is a certain amount of "unlearning" one needs to go through, but it is not really any more difficult:

My DIV'ed standard.adp is only 70 lines, while default one is about 100, standard-lars.adp is even larger at 143 lines. While smaller, it is not any more cryptic: