Forum OpenACS Development: New Feature: Rollback in Tcl API Tests

I just wanted to let people know about a new feature that I am about to add to acs-automated-testing. It is common in Tcl API tests to want to roll back changes to the database made during the test. Now you can easily accomplish this with a construct like:

aa_run_with_teardown -rollback -test_code {
    <invoke Tcl API that changes database>

    aa_equals ...
    aa_true ....

and every change in the test_code block will be rolled back.

Another very powerful feature of acs-automated-testing is the aa_stub procedure. Suppose you are about to test a proc that sends out email as a side effect and you want to avoid this. All you have to do then is to preceed your tests with the invocation

aa_stub ns_sendmail {

Examples of rollbacks and stubbing can be found in the tests in the acs-authentication package.

I encourage package maintainers to start adding Tcl API tests to their packages. It's easy and it very quickly pays off. The next time you make a refactoring in your API (or somebody else does) you'll be happy you have the tests. The tests can significantly increase your confidence in the code and that is a great feeling.

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Peter,

Thanks very much for improving the aa.  I hope I can use it real soon, rather using grep.  Thanks, aa should really help us.

Posted by tammy m on
This sounds great. Where can I get the latest version with the rollback feature in it? Will it work with OACS 4.6.1?