Forum OpenACS Development: Windows DLLs or MakeFile for nscache, nssha1 and nsoracle||nspostgres


I know this subject is a taboo for some of you but some people is still running oacs over Windows and not because we like Windows, because sometimes it is a requirement :(.

I was reading some posts of a couple of years ago and there is some people running oacs over Windows that could run it natively without using cygwin or vmware using the nscache,nssha1,etc DLLs :),

New Aolserver 4.5 and a recent version of Tcl compile and work ok on Windows.

So, I was wondering if you have or know how to get the Windows MakeFiles or the DLLs in order to build/get aolserver oacs modules for Win?



This xowiki page tracks such efforts:

Best wishes for a successful native XP install!

Dear Enrique,
sometime ago you asked me if XOTcl support is available on my
Win32-Openacs port of OpenACS:
This short message is just to let you know that I've just added to it XOTcl (1.5.5) and tcllib (1.9).
Hope it helps,
Thanks for the links Torben!

Maurizio: really amazing news!!!, thanks so much. I'll be testing this and will let you know my feedback. This is an incredible contribution.


Some issues I found with this version,

xotcl.tcl is missing but I added it to /aolserver/modules/tcl/xotcl.tcl and it loads perfectly :).

libthread is not loading properly since I got an error when loading some xotcl libraries saying this:

[03/Oct/2007:15:36:41][2372.3668][-main-] Error: Error sourcing /aolserver/servers/test/packages/xotcl-request-
invalid command name "thread::mutex"
while executing
"thread::mutex create"
(procedure "init" line 23)
::throttle ::xotcl::THREAD->init
::xotcl::THREAD ::xotcl::Class->create
invoked from within
"::xotcl::THREAD create throttle { is missing in the /aolserver/bin/ dir and I couldn't load it because couldn't find the dll manifests and dlls bins. However there are some files such as nsthread.dll and their manifest and exe.

Did I miss to do something?

Thanks in advance

Dear Enrique,
thanks a lot for your testing.
libpthread is not there for a very good reason... I forgot to put it in...
For the rest, because I never used XOTcl, please tell me what else is missing (or better provide it to me at and I'll try to include it.
Once again,
thanks a lot for all your help.


Dear Enrique,
let's have a second try...
Please check if:
1. the xotcl.tcl file I've added is correct
2. the thread-2.6.5 library I just added is the one you need.