Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: xowiki: Problem with block markers and xinha

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Concerning Xinha support in cvs HEAD:
Someone removed all Xinha support from the master templates in CVS head. This was not the first time that i have fixed some other people's changes that killed xinha support. if someone is altering the richt-text support and is for some reason not able to test xinha stuff, please note so in the forums.

Concerning block markers:
During summer, i made the regular-expression based wiki-markup parsing more robust against misinterpretations. In general, it is a good idea to put white-space after block marker (see e.g. the default index page).

-gustaf neumann
PS: I fixed as well two more bugs in the new ::template::head code

Posted by Matthew Burke on
Thanks for the fixes Gustaf!

Oddly enough, I tried putting extra white space around the block markers and it didn't help. Then I made the CVS updates to get Xinha working. And that also fixed the block markers.

Now I need to track down why the updates have messed up some of the formatting (the edit-notifications-admin line is overwriting the site header----I'll take a look at the diffs and try and puzzle out the css) and everything will be nice again!


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The placement of the wiki-menu is dependent on the local configurations (css styles). I tried to make it reasonably well for out-of-the-box openacs and dotlrn. For local styles one has to adjust the placement in xowiki.css. Look in xowiki/www/resources/xowiki.css for and

and adjust it accordingly.

best regards
-gustaf neumnann