Forum OpenACS Q&A: Repeated Operation in xotcl-request-monitor/tcl/throttle_mod-procs.tcl

Hi everyone

Is there any easy way to disable the throttle feature that shows this message:

Repeated Operation
Operation blocked. Don't submit the same query, while the old one is still running...

I know it's coming from packages/xotcl-request-monitor/tcl/throttle_mod-procs.tcl
but I don't see an obvious parameter or setting to turn it off?


it is technically easy to turn off request blocking, but there is no parameter for this currently. I can add this easily. Btw, why do you want to turn it off?
Hi Gustaf,
I guess I can just comment out the filters in throttle_mod-init.tcl and that will sort me.

The reason I want to turn if off is that I have a page where there is a list of buttons, which users typically click in rapid succession. The buttons represent tasks that the user has to mark "done". Before we upgraded to the latest OpenACS, the user could click 3 or 4 of these buttons in rapid succession, but now since the upgrade the throttle is forcing the user to wait until the page is finished and has reloaded. It's not a big deal, but as people generally go through these tasks pretty quickly, it has slowed them down a little.


if you comment out the filters, the full request monitor will be deactivated. Before the release change, you did not use the request monitor, is this right? Do these buttons issue post requests? otherwise, they should be different URLs, and no blocking of double issues would happen...


Hi Gustaf,

thanks again for the reply. I've commented out the filters on the dev environment and everybody is happy for the moment. We've decided it's probably a good feature to have in the live environment, so I'm not going to change anything there.

Yes, before the upgrade we didn't use the request monitor.

The buttons go to a page that then does a ad_returnredirect back to the current page. So you end up with a bunch of clicks all using ad_returnredirect to go to the same page.

thanks for all your wonderful help

i have updated the version in cvs head for better management of request blocking. There is now a package parameter called "request-blocking-off" which can be used to deactivate request blocking, but keep the statistics.

alternatively, one can turn request blocking on/off temporarily by issuing the "throttle on" or "throttle off" at runtime (e.g. from ds/shell).