Forum OpenACS Development: Re: package owners in general

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Why not just generate a package inventory list for the maintainer page from the data in bug tracker and the APM?

1. We add a new "component maintainer" using the bug tracker admin interface we automatically update the page and this person is automatically assigned new bugs for that package.
2. If we want the page's description of package functionality improved we add it to the text in the APM and the description for administrators in the APM is improved.
3. Most importantly: nobody has to mess with that page again.

Hack so we do not loose any info that is on the page now:
We add quality/test status as well as major todo's/plans to the description in the bug tracker (not sure if this is needed though... might be better to just link to a filtered list of high priority and/or critical bugs for that package).