Forum OpenACS Development: Re: acs-mail-lite vs ns_sendmail

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Probably just history. That code dates from c. 2001 or even earlier, before acs-mail-lite existed.

However, there are lots of calls to ns_sendmail throughout the toolkit, as grep will show:

find . -name "*.tcl" -print | xargs grep ns_sendmail

So, you probably need to configure a basic SMTP server on the box, and/or drop in a replacement ns_sendmail proc which does what you want.

Why doesn't your box have a local SMTP server listening on localhost anyway? AFAIK it should have one.

Posted by Michael Totschnig on
So for consistency, all this calls to ns_sendmail could and should be replaced by calls to acs_mail_lite? That's what I did in my install for the problem at hand.
If there is interest in cleaning this up in the OpenACS CVS, I can post a patch.
This is a server hosted by another company that's why I do not control how email is configured there.