Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP #15 (Approved): Package additions and removal for 5.0

These packages are moved to /contrib/obsolete-packages
  • acs-content
  • acs-util
  • bboard
  • mp3-jukebox
  • mp3jukebox
  • photo-album
  • photo-album-lite
  • postcard
  • ticket-tracker
  • ticket-tracker-lite
  • acs-workflow
  • wap
  • wf-ticket-tracker
The following packages are added to /packages from /contrib/packages.
  • photo-album
Reference: OpenACS 5.0 package purge
Do we need to move the old photo-album to contrib - can't we just get rid of it? The new photo-album has upgrade scripts in it, so we're providing a path to anyone currently using the old one.

It'd be one less package to keep track of...

I would say the new photo-album is an upgrade to the old one. The old one doesn't really need to move to contrib.
Posted by Lars Pind on
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Is the OpenACS portal package deprecated?

I'm asking because I've found a bunch of errors in the PG version which make me think that it never worked. The new-portal package in dotlrn supercedes it, right?

I believe the portal package is a refactoring of new-portal that was started by Yon but never finished. I believe Don and someone else later picked it up to finish it but I don't know how far they got. Maybe the package should live in contrib until it's working.
Ah, ok. Thanks Peter. In that case, I'll go ahead and fix or report the bugs I find.
I carried out the package purge. In addition to the packages enumarated here I moved bboard-portlets to the contrib directory as well after consultation with Lars.
I also moved portal into the contrib/packages directory.