Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: e-lane distro has not be UP for ~4 days - ! need it back up, please!!

...ah, and I forgot. The e-lane project finished last May. The site and its content will probably stay for a few more months, but eventually disappear. I suggest you make local copies of the downloadable files there. We'll move some files to the Gradient server (as you mentioned) in the near future.


15: Thank you very much (response to 14)
Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on
It's great to see it back up, this morning.

I uploaded the iso last night to: so I would be able to point others to it.

I still find the e-lane to be a viable solution for the classroom or individual user with limited access to a server grade computer, limited access to the Internet and or lack of comfort with installing debian and the dotlrn.

I did discover, last Friday that the Edubuntu Gutsy 7.10 has dotlrn, oacs and moodle scripts in the Internet package repository. I selected them both for installation and I think it got confused, so neither one of them worked, when the script was done. But, I'm very glad to see that they are in there.

Thanks again.