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Posted by Alejandro Martinez on
I have installed the e-lane distro, but when I try to add a class the system generates an error, can someone help me to fix it or tell me what to do or where can I find answers to this kind of issues.
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Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
What e-lane version are you using?
I think you can just use the .LRN distribution as e-lane distribution is just a customization for the E-LANE project with no extra features.
Can you try latest .LRN version instead? (or just get it from CVS)
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Posted by Alejandro Martinez on
the dotlrn distribution it doesnt have the evaluation and assesment package.

or what version does it have?

or once is installed the dotlrn distribution I can install those packages and how?

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Posted by Victor Guerra on

could you please post the e-lane version and postgresql version that you are using. If you can provide details about the error would be better.

Victor Guerra

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Posted by Alejandro Martinez on
The e-lane version is


and postgresql 7.4.5

Could you see the error in the folowin url

user :

pwd : avenegra

This site is for testing and the information contained it has no value yet.

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Posted by Alejandro Martinez on
try to add this class and you see the error.
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Posted by Victor Guerra on
ill try

Victor Guerra

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Posted by Victor Guerra on
Hi Alejandro,

I was playing aroung with the the class creation in your instance, and looks like a permisions problem to me.

its tying to create the rss directory when adding the news applet to the new community , so please check the owner and permission for /usr/local/www/yourdomain/dotlrn211-elane/. Permisions should be 755 ( chmod -R 755 ) and the owner should be the user that you are using for runing your service.

Victor Guerra.

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Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I recently updated the page:

Could you tell me if the information there is correct or if there are newer version, could you send me the corrected text



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Posted by Enrique Catalan on

A little suggestion about section 2, about Debian installer... It would be better if it would say:

  • Debian Linux Installer: The easiest if you are a Linux user or you want it for a large installation. You just need to :
    • Add the sources below to your sources.list file (/etc/apt/sources.list):


      to install the source code:


    • Update the packages list running 'apt-get update' command

    • Install the system using a package installer or just with 'apt-get install dotlrn'

    • For more information you should read this post:

The link of 'Windows Installer' ( seems to be broken.

Cheers :).

11: Re: e-lane distro (response to 1)
Posted by Victor Guerra on
Note that there has to be a "space" between /dotlrn/ and binary ( the same for dotlrn/ source/).

So the correct lines to add to the sources.list file are:

deb binary/
deb-src source/

Victor Guerra.

I have several lab starting to use (some in remote locations) the e-lane LiveCD. So, I am requesting that we put it back up for now, if possible, and I would take on the project of updating the e-lane. I spoke to Avni about updating e-lane (8-07) and she'd help.

Gradient is good but hw reqrmts are too much for some of my initial deployments. Are you planning to tie e-lane in with Gradient, now or at some other point? I know someone had told me to just use the VMware version. Actually, I/ve load both dotlrn VMWare files and I can do more (install other packages that I need) with the e-lane 05-10-12 LiveCD version.

I need the e-lane LiveCD site back up, please. Plus I discovered on Friday night that: Edubuntu, Gutsy, 7.10 has both dotlrn and oacs as packages that can be installed via synaptic.

fyi.... the Message Says:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache/2.2.3 (Debian) DAV/2 SVN/1.4.2 mod_jk/1.2.18 mod_python/3.2.10 Python/2.4.4 PHP/4.4.4-9 proxy_html/2.5 mod_ruby/1.2.6 Ruby/1.8.6(2007-06-07) mod_ssl/2.2.3 OpenSSL/0.9.8e mod_perl/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.8 Server at Port 80


We seem to have DNS problems solving However, the server is up. Point to


...ah, and I forgot. The e-lane project finished last May. The site and its content will probably stay for a few more months, but eventually disappear. I suggest you make local copies of the downloadable files there. We'll move some files to the Gradient server (as you mentioned) in the near future.


15: Thank you very much (response to 14)
Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on
It's great to see it back up, this morning.

I uploaded the iso last night to: so I would be able to point others to it.

I still find the e-lane to be a viable solution for the classroom or individual user with limited access to a server grade computer, limited access to the Internet and or lack of comfort with installing debian and the dotlrn.

I did discover, last Friday that the Edubuntu Gutsy 7.10 has dotlrn, oacs and moodle scripts in the Internet package repository. I selected them both for installation and I think it got confused, so neither one of them worked, when the script was done. But, I'm very glad to see that they are in there.

Thanks again.