Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #8 (Proposed): Modification of default-master.adp structure.

Seems good to me? Any comments from the OCT?
This has been marked proposed for a while and I think we will do something like this for 5.1 (possibly not exactly this but something similiar) so I will mark it approved and when the actual code goes in on 5.1 will summarize here.
Wow, I've lost all hope :)
I would like to mark this one Resubmit, because:
1) the current master structure has changed, possibly rendering the original proposal obsolete
2) It's not clear to me if the original proposal was modified by all the comments.

Andrei, could you look at the structure in 5.0.0 and re-formulate your proposal as needed?

Will do shortly.  Shall I leave the TIP number intact?
yes please.  See also for the currently existing docs on the 5.0.0 template defaults.