Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Tagline... We Need One Now!

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Ah, clever.. let the competition underestimate the scalability (and advanced flexibility) of OpenACS!

One function of a tag line is to differentiate from the "other choices".  Yes, OpenACS is a web application toolkit, but aren't most any configurations of LAMP and MS servers likewise? We could really be stealthy by using "software toolkit for online communities". Certainly spelling out "web application" shows OpenACS is a serious WebApp. defines the toolkit (on the frontpage) as:

OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System) is an advanced toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications.

High-performance, to me, suggests OpenACS is *not* the best choice for small websites (unless scalability is a factor). It's like taking a short drive around the neighborhood in a dragster race car (complete with pit crew).

Instead of using a phrase that exudes false humility, why not seek a more honest assessment to describe the OpenACS toolkit?

If "hyperformance" is too much in the other direction, maybe some other suggestions should be considered?

I came across a book yesterday "Enterprise Information Portals and KM" (knowledge management)[1]. From what I absorbed in it while wandering through the store isles, depending on how OpenACS ETP  evolves, OpenACS is heading in the right direction to meet criteria as a toolkit for building Enterprise level, scalable portals.

What about "scalable portals toolkit"? (web app and online-community is implied)