Forum OpenACS Q&A: Where's lc_time_system_to_conn

Posted by Andreas Pinterits on

I've updated my OpenACS packages, and then tried to open the file-storage page, but I've got an error: invalid command name "lc_time_system_to_conn". I've found several skripts calling this function, (file-storage, calendar) but the function itself doesn't exist. (Not in documenation and I didn't find it in the sources either). Does anybody know why this occurs?

regards, Andreas Pinterits

Posted by Lars Pind on
It's defined in packages/acs-lang/tcl/localization-procs.tcl

You don't have it?

Posted by Andreas Pinterits on
Hello Lars,

thanks for your fast answer,

I've got


    @creation-date 30 September 2000
    @author Jeff Davis (
    @author Ashok Argent-Katwala (
    @cvs-id $Id: localization-procs.tcl,v 1.8 2003/05/17 09:48:30 jeffd Exp $

checked out acs-lang with cvs -d acs-lang

and it seems to be up to date, but no lc_time_system_to_conn in there. can't even find the string "lc_time_system_to_conn" in the whole package :(


Posted by Andreas Pinterits on

I removed the whole package and got it again, now I have a newer version of localization-procs.tcl including lc_time_system_to_conn.
Somehow cvs didn't update my files.

thanks, anyway Andreas